Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz Wernigerode — GTC and Additional Services

On this page you will find our general terms and conditions of business [In German: Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen (AGB)] and the additional services that we offer our guests.

General terms and conditions of the business ‘Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz’ Wernigerode

If no other agreements have been made in writing between the business ‘Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz’ Wernigerode and the guest, the following conditions shall form the guest admission contract:

  1. The guest admission contract is deemed to be in-place if the provision of an apartment has been requested by the guest and has been confirmed by the business ‘Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz’ Wernigerode. Both oral and written confirmation are binding.
  2. The guest accommodation contract concluded between the guest and the business ‘Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz’ Wernigerode obliges both parties to comply.
  3. The business ‘Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz’ Wernigerode is obliged to pay compensation to the guest, if the apartment promised to the guest cannot be provided at the agreed time and an equivalent replacement cannot be provided.
  4. The guest is obliged to pay compensation to the business ‘Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz’ Wernigerode, if the apartment booked by the guest is not, or not fully, utilized for the agreed period of time.
    The following compensation rates are deemed to have been agreed:
    From 90 to 45 days before arrival: 10% of the apartment price
      44 to 30 days before arrival: 25% of the apartment price
      29 to 22 days before arrival: 50% of the apartment price
      21 days to day of arrival: 80% of the apartment price

  5. The business ‘Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz’ Wernigerode is obliged, in the case of non-use, to rent out the empty apartment as soon as possible and to offset the proceeds from such a rental against the required compensation in order to minimise the compensation (in Paragraph 4) payable by the guest. The arrival and departure days are calculated as one full day.
  6. Upon confirmation of the booking by the business ‘Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz’ Wernigerode, the guest is required to pay a deposit. The deposit is calculated as follows:
    From 60 to 30 days before arrival: 10% of the apartment price
    From 29 to 3 days before arrival: 50% of the apartment price
    From 2 days to day of arrival: 100% of the apartment price

  7. On the day of the guest’s arrival the ordered apartment is usually available from 16:00 (4.00 PM). On the day of departure the apartment must be vacated by 10:00 (10.00 AM).
  8. The rental takes place in Wernigerode and is subject to the jurisdiction of the ‘Amtsgericht’ Wernigerode.

Additional Services

Groceries Shopping before Arrival

There is an “Edeka” Supermarket about 450 metres from the holiday apartments. However, if you know that you will be arriving late, we are happy to purchase some groceries on your behalf.

Cleaning Service during the Stay

With a stay of eight days, or longer, a limited cleaning of the holiday apartment will be carried out. This includes clean towels and bed linen.

Purchases of Tickets for Events and Guided Tours

We are happy to pre-purchase such tickets on your behalf. Pre-purchasing of tickets is especially recommended for the guided tours (in German) of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway workshop. These very popular guided tours have a limited number of participants.

Assistance with German

We are happy to show guests around Wernigerode and to help translate.

Date: 13/08/2023