Altstadtherz Wernigerode — The Journey Here

By Car

Wernigerode is located in the middle of Germany on the north side of the Harz Mountains. The Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz (Holiday Apartments) in Wernigerode are best reached by car via the B6N (which was upgraded to the A36 Motorway on 1st January 2019, but has not yet been fully re-signposted) - Either:

  • from the East via Quedlinburg from the Bernburg Junction (A14 and B6N / A36). The A14 Motorway runs from the Junction with the A4 Motorway at Nossen (just West of Dresden) to the Junction with the A2 Motorway in northwestern Magdeburg.
  • from the West via Goslar and the Nordharz Motorway Junction (Autobahndreieck Nordharz) between the A396 and the B6N / A36. Travelling from the South on the A7 Motorway — Take Exit 66: Rhüden/Harz via the B82, B6 and A369. Travelling from the North on the A7 Motorway — Take Exit 63: Motorway Junction (Autobahndreieck) Salzgitter via the B6 and the A369. The A7 Motorway runs through Germany from the Danish Border near Flensburg via Hamburg, Hannover, Göttingen, Kassel, Fulda, Würzburg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Memmingen, Kempten to the Austrian Border near Füssen.

The new A36 Motorway (old A395 and B6N) connects Braunschweig with Bernburg (Saale) and offers a fast connection to Wernigerode from the Braunschweig area (and also from the A2 Motorway which links the cities of the Ruhr via Hannover, Braunschweig and Magdeburg to Berlin).

To reach Wernigerode from the B6N (A36), either take the Exit Wernigerode - Nord or the Exit Wernigerode - Zentrum and drive into the city center until you are on either the B244 or the L82.

Some guests have followed their GPSs, or SatNavs, to the main door of the Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz on the Oberengengasse. This route through the Büchtingerstraße, Unterengengasse and the Kochstraße is a long narrow one-way street and turning into our courtyard is impossible. We have therefore put together two "photo routes", which can be seen on the map below. The blue route starts on the L82 to the East. The green route starts on the B244 to the West.

Fotos - Anreise West Fotos - Anreise Ost

Since many streets in the town centre of Wernigerode are closed to traffic or are one-way streets, you can only drive to the Ferienwohnungen (Holiday Apartments) Altstadtherz from the B244 via the Burgstraße and past the Liebfrauenkirche (church). From the L82, drive along the Lindenallee, along Am Vorwerk and past the Liebfrauenkirche (church). The parking area for the Altstadtherz holiday apartments is located on the rear courtyard of the property:

By Train

By train you arrive in Wernigerode Main Station on either the RE4 (Halle Main Station ‹–› Goslar Main Station) or the RE21 (Magdeburg Main Station ‹–› Goslar Main Station) which are operated by Abellio (opens a new browser window). At the weekends there is also a connection with the Harz-Berlin-Express (opens a new browser window). The Ferienwohnungen Altstadtherz are around 15 minutes walk, or a six minute taxi journey from Wernigerode Main Station.

By Long Distance Bus

Long-distance buses arrive at the bus station (Kleine Dammstraße 20 - next to the Main Railway Station) in Wernigerode. The long-distance buses stop at the Bus Platform 9. The regional and local bus services in Wernigerode and the Harz District are operated by HVB (opens a new browser window).

By Air

Wernigerode and the Harz Mountains can be reached from the more distant parts of Europe by flying to one of the following airports: Hannover (Langenhagen), Leipzig-Halle, Berlin-Tegel and Berlin-Schönefeld. All these airports offer car hire facilities and only Berlin-Tegel is not directly on the railway network. Berlin-Tegel does have a bus service which connects to long-distance trains from Berlin-Südkreuz Railway Station and Berlin-Hauptbahnhof (Main Station).

To-date guests from Spain and the UK have used Hannover and Berlin-Schönefeld airports and we have assisted them with advice on rail transport to and from these airports.

Guests from further away (e.g. Australia and New Zealand) tend to use Frankfurt Am Main airport and, if ticketing allows, a domestic flight on to either Hannover or Berlin-Tegel.

Date: 07/09/2022