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Karen und Steven - Bicycle Tour in Hoi-An

A photo of your hosts, Karen and Steven, on a cycle tour in Hoi-An, Vietnam, one of the sister cities of Wernigerode.

We met in 1978 in Hanover. At that time, Karen was a student and Steven had just started his career. We often visited the Harz and Karen learnt to ski on the Wurmberg near Braunlage and on the Matthias-Schmidt-Berg near Sankt Andreasberg.

Steven worked in many foreign countries as a petroleum geologist, and he also lived in a few. Karen – always at his side – as an ESOL teacher, loves foreign languages ​​and was always enthusiastic about learning a new one! For us it was always fascinating to get to know a new culture and together we have lived in America, Indonesia, Spain, Malaysia and New Zealand. Travel was always something wonderful for us – we have always spent our holidays somewhere “abroad“.

Apart from Karen, Steven has another great love – steam locomotives, particularly German steam locomotives, which he first came across in the Saarland as a child. Like many tourists, we first came to Wernigerode to visit the workshop of the Harz Narrow Gauge Railway and we went up to the Brocken on the train – with Steven of course on the footplate!

After that we got to know more of Wernigrode and fell in love with the town. In the following years we visited the town several times and then the great dream began ... We wanted to get to know more of Wernigerode and the area, and to spend more time here. So we bought the house in 2017 and started a new chapter in our lives.

We find the Harz lovely at any time of year and always worth a visit. We are happy to have the opportunity to meet new people and to make new friends.

We are looking forward to all the experiences which await us and above all we are looking forward to meeting YOU – the guests in our house. Welcome!

Date: 05/09/2019